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ThermostatsSince 1953, Frank H. Monroe Heating – Cooling Inc. has been a local Southern Indiana favorite for heating and cooling help. Over the years, we’ve helped countless families, businesses, and institutions get comfort and efficiency, and we’re proud to offer Thermostats in Southern Indiana as one of our service options. From smart thermostats you can control over a wireless internet connection to traditional models, we can help you install, calibrate, or replace your thermostat and get energy-saving benefits as a result.

Your Thermostat is the Brain of your Heating and Cooling Equipment

The thermostat is what tells your heater and air conditioner when warm the room, how much, and when to stop. Small adjustments of even a few degrees make a large difference in your energy bill costs. It’s a good idea to keep your thermostat at a comfortable setting rather than cranking it way up or down to respond to the weather. One of the best things you can do to save more money on energy is to upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model. This will allow you to set temperatures to use less energy while you’re away from home and be ready the moment you walk in the door.

More Than Half of Home Energy Costs Go To Heating and Cooling

With heating and cooling making up about 50% of your home energy use, every bit of additional control makes a difference. Having a programmable or smart thermostat you can control from your mobile phone can help you save more money each month on energy costs. Whether your thermostat is broken or damaged, or you are looking for an upgrade, Frank H. Monroe Heating – Cooling Inc. can help you find a cost-effective solution and install it right away.

The Frank H. Monroe Heating – Cooling Inc. Approach

If you’re looking at Thermostats in Southern Indiana, you’ll want to get a solid understanding of the options and how they work differently. While other contractors might be able to install your thermostat, we’ll take the time to explain its functions to you so you can operate it to get the full benefits working from day one. We’re able to give you more insight than other contractors because our friendly technicians have a deep understanding of their work and keep up on industry trends.

Getting help isn’t just about getting work done, it’s about understanding what goes into a service and how to get the best out of it. If you’d like help with thermostats, give us a call at 812-945-2566 today.

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